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domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017

Around the world in 80 days

This is a book of the autor Julio Verne his books are fantastic in her epoch but now his books are possible this book Around the world in 80 days
Phileas Fogg is a very handsome and true gentleman. He has never been to
another country. I live in London, I only speak otherpeople atthe Reform
club. One day he was waltung to meet his new manservant n Passepartout. A
few days later they stolen fifty thousand pounds. Phileas Fogg made a bet.
He sald he could go around the world a 8o days. I have fucking check of 20
thousand pounds on the table and went home. Passepartout and Phileas Fogg
took the first train to Dover Inspector Fix, knew who was the thief.Itwas
Phileas Fogg. Passepartout and Fogg were Mongolia. Fixed to talk with
Passepartout.when he left, Fix was more certaln that Phileas Fogg was the
thief.They arrived In Bombay. Then they took the train to Calcutta.
Calcutta they heard instruments. It was a traditional celebration. When a
woman shusband die, the woman has to die with him. Phileas Fogg wanted to
save Mrs. Aouda. Passepartout enter into the flames and save her. This was
the Inspector s final opportunity to get an arrest warrantfor fogg.
Passepartout had a drink with FD. Afew hourslater Passepartout fell asleep
at the table. Next morning, Phileas Fogg woke up and pald the captain of a
small ship and Aouda went with him. Fix went with them too. Passepartout
started to work in a circus.While the performance was golng on, he saw fogg
in the audience.They were direction San Francisco. Then they traveled to
NY. Thetrain stopped because hundreds of buffalos were crossing the tracks
of the train. Then a group of Indians attacked the train. They arrested
Passepartout. Phileas saved his friend and they arrived in Omaha. Later
they wereln uverpool when Flur arrested Phileas Fogg, but the policemen
sald that thiefhad been arrested 3 days before. They return to London. Fogg
lost his bet he had wanted to marry with Mrs. Aouda, they wanted to marry
on Saturday but they could not because they had to return one day before
the bet sologg had won it. Phileas ogg became a rich man. On moday morning
Fogg an Aouda got married.

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